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August 8, 2013
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              *Your P.O.V.*
You were sitting in the living of your apartment, bored extremely. You were watching some cheesy rom-com, half paying attention, from what you could tell the girl fell in love with a guy, but was too afraid to tell him, unknowing he felt the same way.

    Watching the movie made you think about the guy you had a huge crush on. Lutz Beilschmidt, you had been friends with him since early high school and had a crush on him for almost the whole time you’ve known him. He was your stereotypical bad boy; he had a large build and would kick anyone’s ass that pissed him off enough, (which didn’t take much), had a few scars from said fights, had a few tattoos, smoked cigarettes, almost always wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle.

   He had short unruly blonde curly hair, bright purple eyes, a scar under his right eye and almost always had a smirk or frown on his face (which was a very handsome face at that).
Even though he was like that, he was always nice to you, he would help you out when you were having trouble like bullies or annoying boys messing with you. He had been a bodyguard of sorts to you, which made you have such a huge crush on him.

   You broken from your thoughts of Lutz by your phone ringing, you picked it up from the coffee table and saw that it was one of your best friends Elizabeta. “Hey Liz! What’s up?” “Hey (Name)! I was thinking about  going to get some lunch and wondered if you wanted to come along?” “Yeah that sounds great! I’m so bored here!” “Great! I’ll pick you up in about 30 minutes.” “Sounds good, see you soon.”  After hanging up, you walked to your room and started to change out of your pajamas.

   You put on a pair of black skinny jeans and found a cute (f/c) button up blouse. You put on a little make-up that consisted of eyeliner, mascara and (f/c) eye shadow.  You brushed out your (h/l) (h/c) hair and decided to let it stay down sense it looked nice enough.
Just as you put on a pair of black ballet flats, you heard Elizabeta honk her car horn. You grabbed your keys and purse, locked the door and ran downstairs to her car.

  *Lutz’ P.O.V.*

  I was sitting on my couch watching T.V when my phone rang, the screen said ‘Taylor’ one of my closer friends.

    “What?” “Wow someone’s grumpy this afternoon!” Taylor teased, “Whatever, what’s up?” “I was going to go get lunch with Gilbert and wanted to know if you wanted to come along?” I thought it over; well it’d be a change from wurst like I have almost every day, but even thought I decided to mess with him. “Why should I?” “Oh well, we were thinking about going to the café near (Name)’s apartment, and we might even see her, but if you don’t want to I-““Fine I’ll go.” “Awesome! I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” “Dude! Only I get to say awesome!” I heard Gilbert yell before hanging up.

   Taylor was (Name)’s older brother, he knew I’ve liked her since high school and he used it against me all the time.

   I walked to my room and pulled on faded denim jeans over the boxers I was wearing, a tight dark grey shirt, a leather jacket and my combat boots. Right as I finished getting dressed I hear Gilbert honk his car horn outside. I locked the door and walked to his car. “You know I’m making you two pay right?” “We thought as much” they both said, and Gilbert started driving to the café.

   Your P.O.V.

   Elizabeta and you had gotten to the café and were seated at a booth, the hostess asked what drinks you wanted, and “I’ll have a sweet tea please!” “And I’ll have a (favorite drink).” The hostess smiled, “I’ll have your waiter bring that right up!” she said cheerfully and walked to the back room.  

   From where you sitting your back was towards the front door, you heard the bell that signaled new customers have walked in, but didn’t think much about it until Elizabeta spoke up.

   “Hey isn’t that Taylor and Gilbert?” You turned around to see your older brother and his friend Gilbert walked in, with a third person behind them. “Oh~ Isn’t that Lutz~?” You practically hear the smirk in her voice, you turned around again to see your long time crush Lutz walked in and join Taylor and Gilbert at their table, which wasn’t far from the booth that you sitting at.

   You blushed bright red and tried to hide your face, “Awww, (Name) you’re so cute when you blush!” she said loudly, “Shut up! Not so loud! D-Do I look o-okay? Oh my god I probably look terrible! Ugh! I knew I should’ve done something with my hair!” you started to ramble, “(Name)! You look great don’t worry so much!  But I need to go to the bathroom to freshen up since Gilbert’s here, I’ll be right back!” with that she jumped up from her seat, “What!? No! Don’t leave me alone!” you whisper-yelled at her, which she ignored.
I sat at the booth alone, still worrying if I looked alright. I never normally cared so much my appearance, but around Lutz I always tried to look perfect. ‘I hope Liz is right and I look alright. Ugh! Why am I worrying so much?!’ You looked over to his table, luckily he hadn’t noticed you yet since he was talking with Taylor and Gilbert. ‘Oh yeah I worry so much because he so hot!”

   You were glancing over towards him until someone stepped in your line of sight. You looked up to see who you guessed was your waiter, “Here are you’re drinks.” He set them on the table and you were about to thank him before he spoke again, “Are these both for you?” he said with a perverted smirk, “Uh no, my friend said just went to the restroom, they said they’ll be back soon.” You looked the guy over and he looked like a stereotypical hipster asshole, (of course hipster can be really hot, but not this guy), “Oh good! So we won’t be interrupted for a while.” “Um, what do you mean?” “Why am I always hit on by creeps?’  “I mean I might talk you into giving me your phone number.” He leaned in closer, and began to flirt with you; you gave him a look of disgust to signal you weren’t interested which he didn’t pick up.

  Taylor was texting Elizabeta underneath the table so Gilbert and Lutz wouldn’t see, especially not Lutz.

‘So you left (Name) alone at the table right?’

‘Yeah I’m still in the bathroom, did you tell Lutz that she’s here?’

‘No not yet. Oh no.’

“Oh no? What’s wrong?’

‘Your waiter is flirting with (Name) and she is defiantly not interested, what should I do?’

‘Tell Lutz and show him where she is. Knowing him, he’ll get jealous and go over there and rescue her.’

‘Alright will do. Hopefully, mission get Lutz and (Name) together will work.’

‘Yeah I hope it’ll work better than that stupid name you just gave it.’


   Taylor put away his phone and turned towards Lutz, “Hey Lutz, isn’t that (Name) over there?” Lutz turned and blushed when he saw you sitting there, but quickly grew angry when he saw some guy trying to flirt with you. “Ja, it is. Who’s that talking to her?” he said angrily, “Looks like it’s the waiter, she looks really uncomfortable, why don’t you go save her?” Gilbert had picked up the conversation, “Ja! Go be here knight in shining armor or whatever!” Lutz took off his jacket, got up and started to stride towards your table.

‘I think its working’


"Who are you texting?” “No one.” “Yes you are! You can’t hide it from the awesome me!” Gilbert yelled as he wrestled Taylor for his phone.

   *Lutz P.O.V.*

   I strode over to (Name)’s table, I had already formed a plan to get the arschloch away from her. He was leaning against the table, but I could see (Name) had an uninterested expression while looking at him.

   I sat down at the booth, “Hey, liebe~ Sorry if I kept you waiting.” (Name) looked over towards me and smiled, I looked up at the waiter glaring, and he was pretty scrawny so I decided to flex my muscles to scare him off, which it did.

   I glared as I watched him speed walk back to the kitchen, until (Name) spoke up, “T-Thanks for saving me there Lutz.” I stopped glaring and looked over towards her, she grinning happily and had a soft blush across her cheeks, ‘Verdammt, why does she have to be so cute?’ I felt heat rush to my face, but tried to stay cool, “J-Ja, of course. He was ugly anyways, not someone like you should be messing with.” “And what do you mean ‘not someone like me’?” I cursed myself, “U-Uh, I-I mean… someone as pretty as you…” I averted my eyes, ‘Why do I always act like this around her? Around anyone else I can be a total badass, but around (Name) I lose my cool almost instantly.’ I looked over at (Name) again and saw her face was almost completely red, “Y-Y-You think I-I’m p-pretty?” She stuttered nervously, “J-Ja. I do.”  She looked down at her lap nervously, “T-Thank you.”

   She didn’t look at me, but I could see her face was now completely red. “Scheiße, she probably thinks I’m a pervert or something now! I should apologize’ “Uh, s-sorry.” She looked up with her face still slightly red, “You don’t have to apologize! I mean I’m actually really happy that you think I’m pretty.” I looked up her, surprised, “R-Really?” “Yeah.”  ‘Should I tell her that I like her?’  I looked her, she was looking at me with a small smile on her face, ‘I should tell her, and it’s now or never. I mean the worst case scenario is that she doesn’t like me back. Actually that is really bad, but whatever I got to do it.’

   I felt my face get slightly warmer, I looked over to her and saw that she had her eyes on mine and a confused expression, “(Name), I’ve being meaning to tell you this for a while, actually a long while,” I awkwardly chuckled, “I’ve l-liked you since high school, and I was wondering if you wanted to be mien girlfriend?” After I said that I looked her shocked and blushing face expecting the worst. “Y-You’ve liked me since high school?” “J-Ja.” She smiled, “That’s about as long as I’ve liked you too Lutz. Of course I’ll be your girlfriend.”  I looked at her almost not believing it, “R-Really?” “Yeah, I mean I’ve liked you too for the same amount of time. So I’d love to be your girlfriend.” We both smiled at each other and I was about to say something before I heard someone clear their throat, I looked behind me and saw Elizabeta standing there, I frowned and got up, “Sorry.” I looked over to (Name) and gave her my usual smirk, “I’ll talk to you later liebe.” And with that I walked back to our table.

   *Your P.O.V.*

   You were still blushing bright even as we ordered and ate our food, “So what was Lutz doing sitting here? And why were you both blushing?” She said with a smirk, “Oh! N-No reason!” You said nervously, “(Name) you’re a horrible liar, but I’ll let it slide.” Every so often you would glance over at Lutz and see him looking over at you, when he noticed you looking back he would smirk and wink making you blush and look away nervously while smiling.

   Both of your groups got our checks, paid and left at the same time. You met up at the front entrance Elizabeta talked with Gilbert and Taylor as Lutz pulled you to the side, “So how about since tomorrow is Saturday, I’ll take you to the carnival in town.” He said looking down at me, you smiled “That sounds great Lutz!” he smiled back at you, “Gut, I’ll pick you up at 6.” Before you could agree, he put one hand on the wall next to you face and the other one titled up your chin and he kissed you sweetly on the lips, which you gladly returned.  He let you go when you both heard Elizabeta calling you over so she could drive you home. “Bye Lutz” “Bye (Name), I’ll see you tomorrow.”  And you walked over to Elizabeta’s car blushing.

    “I saw that.” This time you were blushing in embarrassment, “R-Really?!” “Well, Lutz didn’t seem to really care if anyone saw or not.” You blushed brightly again, “I’m glad you two finally are together, but you do know I’m defiantly going to help you get ready for your date.”  “O-Okay, whatever.” She smirked and drove you home, while you sat in the passenger seat cheerfully smiling.
I know I should be working on my other series but this was stuck in my head forever and I needed to write it! I'm sorry that 2p!Germany is kind of OOC but I didn't know how to write him in any other way! Please favorite and comment! I don't know if I'm going to continue to a second chapter, but I might!
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KittyTheOtakuGirl Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
For some reason I pictured Poland as the waiter...... is that weird? any way... I love this....
Hungary: What is wrong?
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Hungary: Nope! You are going to look even cuter when I'm done!
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lolitalipgloss Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
lol Thank you so much I'm glad you liked it!!
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was the waiter 1p italy
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no???? it was just a random guy none of the actual anime characters
cinnabae Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Artist
oh... okay....
FrozenFur Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really good! It would make for a series. This could just be the prologue. 
lolitalipgloss Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Maybe! That is actually a good idea!
FrozenFur Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah no problem! I really loved it. 
animenerd6321 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omfg, I was laughing so hard when it said taylor was (name)'s older brother. So I share the same name with my older brother huh? Nice. Great story by the way ^^
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